Goldsmithing comes from the Latin auri and faber, which mean "artisan of gold", and designates the work of precious metals, mainly gold and silver.


Notre histoire ...


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orfèvre genevois dès 1930

Jules Reusse

We find Jules Reusse in the entourage of Marcel Feuillat, Alexendre Cingria and some others in the context of the revival of sacred art, we owe him works in Switzerland and neighboring France.

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la tradition tournée vers l'avenir

Josiane Reusse

The entire legacy of love for art, the work of precious metals and enameled stones has been passed on to Josiane Reusse, who works with respect for traditions and at the same time has been able to open up to new technologies.

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fils de Jule Reusse, né en 1942

François Reusse

Ciboires, chalices, monstrances were his first works, before moving in the 70s towards jewelry and jewelry, not without abandoning the orders for sacred art work he made in his workshop in Carouge.

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une relève assurée

Sofiane Reusse

Infused with family know-how since always, Sofiane Reusse is already involved in the development of the Reusse house. Alongside his mother, he continues the legacy of a renowned family.